Our mission

Engenuity Solutions’s  mission is to  develop and deliver innovative, safe and valuable solutions to client’s needs.

The requirements will be met by applying diverse ideas, sound experience and creative engineering embodied in the passionate, energetic team they cherish. 

Chris Hawley

managing director

Tom Lawson

general manager

Phil Hawley


2013 - present

Engenuity Solutions is a multi-disciplinary engineering solutions firm. The company was founded in 2013 by Phil and Chris Hawley. Both of them had years of professional expertise working for big corporations, but there was something missing. With the motivation that no problem is too difficult to solve, either at work or in life, they decided to start their own business. By 2017, the company opened their office in Robina, working alongside a team who share the same mindset and values. 

Leading by Example

Their vision is delivering valuable engineering solutions that impress, reassure, confound and excite people. Engenuity ensures that the outcome is a priority rather than the focus on money, which can be seen through their collaborative work and partnerships. Different, inquiring, optimistic, passionate creativity, confident certainty and honourable are words which describe Engenuity and is highly regarded at the company. By adopting this approach in business and life, Engenuity leads by example.    

Engenuity is dedicated to positively influencing current and future generations.  Their team of engineers, designers and project managers assist clients to maximise value from their assets while minimising waste to stay sustainable.  

The company capabilities include Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. In addition, capabilities include professional services as expert witness, incident investigation, auditing, project and contract management.  

"I am driven by creativity and proving “not possible” can be done. At Engenuity the solving for yes culture and clever, encouraging crew allows me to create new technology, develop the next generation and demonstrate possible every day. That is a whole lot of happy Tom!"

Tom Lawson, General Manager

Tom Lawson, General Manager

"Developing and working with an intelligent team is both enjoyable and rewarding. They are all devoted to solving difficult tasks in order to make an positive impact and sustain the profession in the future."

Chris Hawley, Managing director