We are more than just a workplace.

Engenuity values diverse views, challenge, optimism, creativity, successful outcomes and ethical behaviour.

If you are passionate about engineering, want to use your talent and make a difference, we want to hear from you!

To send us your CV and cover letter, e-mail careers@engenuitysolutions.com. We are looking forward to learning more about your qualifications and why you would be a valuable addition to our team. 

We prefer job applicants with a permanent Resident status, but we are open to applicants on a variety of visas.  
We are an open, diverse working environment who ask “Why” and “Solve for Yes”.  We are all about challenge, delivering great outcomes and having fun doing it. 

"I have always had an urge to have an impact, opposed to just doing the standard. Whether that would be in people’s lives or for the environment by reducing waste at work. The only way I think we progress is by taking on the challenges that no one is willing to solve."
Chris Hawley