The Energy Maestro is a new product, specifically a control system, designed by Engenuity Solutions for the client Gemlife. The control system dynamically manages the power production and continuously ensures the maximum solar power possible is produced each minute and power is consumed from the lowest cost source. In addition, a centralised battery storage has been inserted by Engenuity making it possible to store extra power which is particularly beneficial during peak conditions.  

The control system is close to being completely installed at Gemlife Highfields, an over-50s lifestyle resort in rural Highfields in the Toowoomba region. Eventually the site will have more than 2700 panels or 900kW of solar power generation capacity all managed by a single Engenuity Maestro system. Highfields residents will also be available to read data provided through a highly visible web-platform. 

In terms of environmental responsibility, this customised solar solution optimises clean and renewable power source.


Engenuity Solutions is behind the technology of an innovative world-first wave machine. The engineering company created a wave machine named 5 waves which can create five separate and distinct levels of waves at the same time. The surf park development is highly recognized among surfers in Australia. With potentially 2000 waves being produced each hour the facility gives various athletes the opportunity to practice their different skills at the same time.

Engenuity Solutions spent eight years altogether on the project doing research and development, as well as designing and building the facility. The technology was commissioned by Surf Lakes, an Australian company spearheading the project. 

OK Tedi

Engenuity Solutions completed a design onsite at the island state of Papua New Guinea for the company Ok Tedi’s Mining Limited using Siemens technology. The goal of the project was to change the entire incoming logical supply and switch rooms at the copper and gold mine site Ok Tedi to ensure that the company can continue to operate profitably.

The operating concept was reconstructed from fixed to variable speed, and while retaining the existing motors, new VSD’s were installed at the top of a mountain. The 30-year-old mill drive train was transformed into a completely new variable speed drive train.